“My biggest photographic mistakes have been transformed into
my best creative efforts.”

~ Kirsten Aufhammer
Interpretive Photographer & Writer

Dear Friends

For the last Couple of years, I have been Focusing on Fine tuning my Photography skills and searching for a niche that would accurately describe the type of photography that I am inclined to create.  I’ve tried to do “straight photography” with the only adjustments taking place in Lightroom.  I’ve tried “out of the camera photography” where all I do is crop the image.

Unfortunately, I am not all that skilled at either of those techniques.  Nor do I find my joy by doing photography that way.  To be honest, I’m a mediocre photographer.

But, I am absolutely passionate about taking a photograph that most people would call a mistake and turning it into something uniquely creative.  I get filled with joy each time I add a creative flair to those so called mistakes.  In fact, some of my biggest photographic mistakes have become my best creative efforts!

As A writer, I have been keeping busy writing poems, working on several novels, and jotting down every writing idea that comes into my mind.

My latest idea is to combine my interpretive photography with my writing.  I tend to write in word pictures so it makes perfect sense to use my photography to bring visual life to my written words.

Most of my women’s issues artwork was created from poems I had written during stressful times in my life.  The artwork is a visual representation of the words I penned to release the angst I was feeling in my heart during those seasons of my life.

I am looking forward to seeing what I will create next as I focus on combining these two passions of mine.

Thank you for joining me on my journey